Bank Account Balance Shown

I have been using quickfile for a while now and the bank balance has always been wrong, i use it for basic book keeping and am in no way a pro at it but i am looking for help on how i now correct the balance on quickfile to reflect the actual balance in my account, i’ve tried to modify the opening balance but it won’t allow me to as there are entries before the opening balance date.

Any pointers or suggestions?

Hi @tocaelectrical

Have you always used QuickFile for your accounts? If so, could it be that transactions have been missed at some point? You can use the reconciliation tool to try and narrow down the error.

If not, then an opening balance is the way to go. You mention that you have transactions before your opening balance - what are these transactions?


Yes i started using quickfile a few years ago and didn’t update it often, i then began using it frequently and never changed the bank balance thus making the bank account totals different. i now cannot match the 2 and with extremely limited knowledge on this type of thing i am now struggling to Amend this. Is there a way to correct this within quickfile.

If you’ve always used QuickFile, I’d suggest using the recon tool and match it against bank statements or online banking. This will help identify any missing transactions. In your case, if it’s always been wrong, I’d suggest starting from the earliest point and working forward.

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