Bank Account doesn't match real bank balance

I recently did an import to bring the bank up to date ready to do the accounts. Now none of the entries in the QuickFile Bank Account reconcile with any of the entries on the Barclays Bank Account and the balance is roughly three times what it should be. Any ideas?

Hi @06041959

Without knowing the account, it’s difficult to say for certain. But there are a few things to check:

  • Did you enter an opening balance?
  • If so, does the opening balance account for some of the imported transactions?
  • Are there any duplicates? It’s worth trying to reconcile the accounts to see what’s matching and what isn’t

It’s most likely to be duplicate entries. Likely to be because perhaps you edited some descriptions and the import didn’t recognise them as duplicates. You’ll need to go through it line by line and delete the duplicates.

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Hi, thanks for the rapid response. The opening balance was set last April and it reconciled up until the end of last year. Then I brought in Jan to April to close of financial year and not even the early transaction match. Also, it doesn’t seem to keep a running total on all of the transactions. I’ll take a look in the morning when my heads a bit clearer and see if I can find any duplicate/triplicates…

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