Bank account for expenses

Can i create a bank account that can pay for things like mileage that i have claimed but not prided myself yet, so the bank account will show a negative figure such i know that how much i owe myself if i ever can pay it to myself but means it doesn’t show on money owed

Yes I don’t see why not.

Money going in and out of the bank will not show on your dashboard amounts payable/receivable as this is determined by invoices.

I would always be tempted to open as a supplier so any money owing to you at the year end is clearly shown under the creditors information.

Hi donnacbk,

I have done it under a supplier but because i have not paid it it shows as overdue payments so by creating a temp bank to pay it from it shows nothing owe but i can see it needs paid

Sounds a very technical idea - hopefully your accountant will understand when entering the year end figures.

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