Bank account linked to quick file?


I have linked my Starling bank account to my Quickfile account, however, I don’t understand why the total amount on Quickfile is different to the amount in my actual bank account. Can you advise, please? Thanks

Some transactions such as card payments will appear after a few hours or even days after taking place. We will only show cleared transactions on your account to match your bank statement (rather than your transaction list in the Starling app).

From here: Starling Bank Feed.

Hi @Shaun_Kilkenny ,

Did you enter a starting balance for the account in QuickFile?

But the amount on Quick file is always much higher than what is in my bank account and the two never match

Hi @Shaun_Kilkenny

With any bank, the balance in QuickFile should match your bank statement.

When compared QuickFile to your Starling statement, is there still a difference?

Also, as @QFBeth mentioned above, it’s worth checking your opening balance for the account to ensure this is correct too.

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