Bank account not available

Hi we use Viva wallet for our banking and this doesnt seem to be available ? is there a way to get this added
I want to be able to automate the banking as we have funds in and out daily and would be a big job to input these manually.

What exactly do you mean by “available”? Are you wanting to set up an automatic feed or do you just mean it isn’t one of the options in the drop down list? If the latter then you can just choose “other” - with the exception of banks that support the Open Banking feed specification, this field is only for your own information to set the icon that represents the account in your banking summary page, it doesn’t make any difference technically.

Hi yes i wanted to set up an automatic feed , but viva wallet isn’t available , can this be added ?

@planthaya did you manage to get Viva Wallet working on a feed. I have a client interested in their product…