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Bank account problem

I imported my bank account but is showing about half of my bank payments as money coming in rather than correctly as money paid out.
This seems very strange, any suggestions how I can rectify this?

Hi @mgmidgets,

Which bank did you import for? Some of the banks change their layout so the columns may not be accurate. It may be worth you removing that import and then re-importing but chose the ‘other’ option from the drop down. This means that you can manually map the columns to make sure that you’ve got the money in and money out in the correct columns

it was Bank of Scotland business.
Im new to qiuckfile so its learning my way.


Let me know if it works when you chose the ‘other’ option :slight_smile:

I’ve looked but can’t see how I remove the import?

Do I delete them all? If I do this it says some will show as unpaid, so I’m not sure if this is the correct action.

Hi @mgmidgets

Are any of the incorrectly imported transactions tagged at all?

Thanks for your reply.
Yes about 50% are tagged that are incorrectly marked as payments in when they should be payments out.

Hi @mgmidgets,

You will be able to delete the import from the bank view but you would have to un tag the transactions first

Thanks Beth,

I’m away now until next week so will try then.



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