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I am sure you will have been asked this before but have spent the last hour searching your forum searching with no joy.

I have two old invoices over 7 months that has only just been paid. However my tagging option (I do from the bank statement page) can not find them (max search is 6 months). I could not find where (if there is) a setting where I could change the 6 months to say 9 (or more) .
If I put them as paid on the invoice/s, this is not showing on the bank statement page, There is I am sure a work around but can not see it. With thanks

Hi @ideas4learning

You’re right in that the maximum is 6 months. You can change the default range, but 6 months is the maximum.

This would be one way to do this. When you log a payment from the invoice page, it will create a bank transaction for you. You can then delete your untagged duplicate transaction and everything should balance as normal.

If you only have a hand full of invoices outstanding from that particular client however, you can use the “Pay down multiple invoices”:

You can then enter the name of the client, and this will show you outstanding invoices from a longer period but limited to just that client.

Hope that helps!

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