Bank account tagging

is it possible to tag a bank account transaction to multiple purchases from different suppliers?

I know this might sound strange but i am a sole trader and have paid for several items myself personally and would like to transfer the money for all of them in 1 transaction from the business account into my personal account so therefore on the bank statement it will only show as 1 transaction and was hoping i could tag this 1 transaction to multiple invoices already created but cant seem to see how to do it as they are for different suppliers. Obviously if a ltd company i could set up a directors loan account but in these circumstances it seems unnecessary.

thanks in advance

You set up a dummy account which would be like a directors loan account. And do it that way like you said.

Bare in mind though that as a sole trader you can’t technically pay for something personally. As all the money from the business is already personally yours.

In other words if you paid for something from your personal account just tag that to the supplier and the money out from the business account as proprietor drawings.

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