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Bank Accounts and Payroll Journals


Hi there,

Hoping someone can help me, Although Ive been using QF for almost 2 years now I am only getting fully into the capabilities. Anyway, I use the payroll site for my payroll and have started to use it to send the payroll information journals straight to my quickfile.

Can anyone tell me how I can then Tag this to my bank account to see the transaction of the nett wages leaving my account so it balances out (if that makes sense)

Much appreciated.



What are the journals you doing on QF?


Ive been sending my payroll journals from the pay roll site but I want to also log the payments made on my bank account.


you need to tag bank payments to net wages account and P.A.Y.E account


Thanks for your replies. I have tried this but all it seems to do is log the payment and it still shows oustanding on my balance sheet. Its obviously something simple im not doing but I just cant seem to figure it out at this moment


Payment tagging would make liability on balance sheet nil, unless you are doing journals wrong in first place


Thanks, think I’ve it sussed now

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