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Bank Feed and Power User Subscription

Okay, nearly ready to migrate our accounts. We will need the Bank Feed service. Also, our bank transactons often need to be split to two or more nominal codes (with both debits and credits being raised especially when a receipt is net of bank charges (I know that QF does this, from the other account that I have with you. Sage cannot do this btw, which is one of the reasons that I am moving another account to QF)

We also use ‘Square’ and I gather that to get the automatic feeds from Square, we need the power user subscription.

In order that I can be certain as to what our running costs of QF (including feeds) will be, please could you clarify our likely costs and how these might change with the volume of transactions being processed.

Also, is it possible to set up the feeds and power use subscription on a temporary trial basis (say 1 month) whilst I am evaluating the system for the new organisation.

Hi, There is a trial version for the bank feed but I think it is only 14 days. After that it is only £15 +VAT per year. It is not per feed, it is for as many feeds you need. (1 per bank, for multiple accounts for most of the banks as long as these accounts under 1 login)
The power user subscription is only £45 +VAT per year and you will need to pay if you have 1000 or more ledger entries. You can pay it if you have less than 1000 ledger entries because it comes with a lot more very helpful features.

It is maybe worth to note that you don’t need the bank feed sub. to get square integration, only the power user sub. But if you have quite a lot of transactions with other banks then the bank feed is very helpful.

That’s great, many thanks. It confirms what I had hoped.

Cheers :smiley:

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