Bank Feed did not run last night

Morning. It looks as though our Barclays Bank feed didn’t run last night as I know there are some transactions not visible. How do i run a manual feed please?

It seems you are not alone, ours hasn’t run since the 27th Feb.

As a quick fix, if you are using the Yodlee bank feed, go to the bank account page, click the ‘More Options’ dropdown tab towards the top right and click ‘Refresh Bank Feed’. It will then give you the option to select a feed date and should pull everything through.

As for the ‘glitch’ I’m sure Glen or one of the other Admins will be along shortly :wink:

It didn’t run overnight due to maintenance work by Barclays. However the feed has been running this morning and should update shortly.

Is this also with Barclays (but through Yodlee)?

Hi Mathew, yes we are also with Barclays.


Thanks for confirming - I’ll send you a private message now and we’ll take a look into this for you.

I’m aware that Yodlee did pick up on some changes as a result of maintenance a few nights ago, but I’ll take a look and see what’s going on here for you.

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