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Bank Feed Direct Banking or Yodlee?

I’ve just paid for the direct bank feeds and Bank of Scotland is listed as a direct bank feed however when I’ve activated it goes through Yodlee - is this correct?


Yodlee is a different type of feed to Open Banking.

The first thing to check is the bank type on the account itself. If you view the bank account on QuickFile, do you see the Bank of Scotland logo? If not, go to Settings >> More Options and select the bank from the drop down list.

Then go back to the statement view. If you have a Yodlee feed activated on the account, remove it. After that (or if you haven’t got a Yodlee feed setup), go to More Options >> Activate Bank Feed and it should prompt you about Open Banking.

Hope that helps!

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Many thanks for your reply.

That’s why I was surprised it came up with Yodlee as my clients have that on some of their accounts when there isn’t a direct feed.

This is the only menu I get when I select more options,

Then when I select activate bank feed I get this:

It doesn’t take me to anything open banking

Hi @NEC,

If you go into account settings on the bank account you need to make sure that the bank name is selected. This will allow you to set up an open banking link.

If there is no bank specified it will bring up the Yodlee options

Hi Beth,

So the options I went into the screenshot above aren’t correct?

My bank is one that is listed on the Quickfile site as having open banking?

But does QuickFile know that? On that pop up menu in your screenshot go to “settings” just above “activate bank feed”, one of the options on that settings page will be a drop down to select which bank the account is with. This must be set to one of the banks with a supported open banking feed in order for “activate feed” to offer OB as an option.

Thank you that resolved it.

Presumably it will take a while to update? I’ve weirdly got one transaction from the other day but the rest are from April.

The Open Banking feed can be run up to 28 days back from the day it was set up. Apart from that, it will work like the other feeds in that it runs overnight and pulls in the previous days transactions.

Thank you Matthew. It’s only done one day back unfortunately.

I’ll import a statement then to cover the rest of June.

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