Bank Feed from Chase/JP Morgan?

Are there any plans to facilitate bank feeds from Chase bank (which is JP Morgan)?

Hello @thedrumdoctor

We are trying to develop links to all the banks that have signed up for the open banking system to offer bank feeds.

Please see “The banks and building societies who currently offer open banking are:” here

At present Chase bank is not signed up to the scheme.

You may however be able to download your bank statement and import it as per the article below.

I’ve just seen a similar thread here for Capital on Tap! So it seems, not all banks use the OBS. Ah well, no problem, if the 3rd parties won’t play ball then there’s not a lot you guys can do which must be frustrating.

Hello @thedrumdoctor

Here is our list for your reference

Do Chase offer business accounts then? Would be interested in that but couldn’t find anything on it