Bank feed hasn't ran since 18th January

Hi Guys,

I’m just checking my accounts and it seems my barclays bank feed hasn’t run since the 18th Jan (or there abouts) as there are not any new transactions.

Could you check if there is a problem?

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Hi @sitewideuk

Is this QuickFile’s own Barclays feed?

Hi Mathew,

I’m not exactly sure - It has been running since I set my account up a few years back.


The fact that it stopped on the 18th, and that you’ve had it for a while, I believe it would be this feed. In which case, the feed was depreciated on 18th January. The Open Banking feed is available however, which you can set up and pull in up to 1 months worth of data:

Transition to Open Banking (Barclays)

That’s quite disappointing that I have to pay for my bank feed now as clearly there is no other option for small businesses to do this unless I manually add transactions.

I am unable to set up an Open Bank Feed as when I click though I get the error:

6031 - Unable to Step Up as process requires the user to be Access Level 40 (Two Factor/ PINsentry).

However, there is not an option to provide this authentification.


We tried to keep our own Barclays feed available for as long as possible for existing subscribers, although with the implementation of Open Banking (PSD2) we are required to move things over to their direct feed. It should overall be a better solution as you’ll now be able to do manual refreshes and you no longer need to entrust your bank login credentials with any third party.

I will send you a private message regarding this.

Hi Mathew, could you send me a PM regarding the access level 40 on the Barclays banking page. Can’t get it to allow quickfile access for the same reason as above



Hi @CotsElec

If you’re seeing the error about access level, it’s likely to be because you signed in using the memorable word. For security, Barclays requires you to sign in using the pinsentry method.

Thanks Mathew that sorted it!

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