Bank feed issues with starling

I have signed up for a trial of the bank feed with starling - it says its active and on my starling app it shows that its connected but it is not updating? Please can you help?

Hello @LDDesign

The feed will start importing bank transactions from the date the feed was connected. Transactions that take place prior to this will not be imported by the feed but can be imported from a CSV file.

To do this, go to the Account Management area of your Starling app and tap on Account Information. Here you can view your statements and export them as .csv.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply - i connected the feed yesterday and have transactions showing on the bank account from yesterday and today which are not syncing/importing??

Hello Calum

We would only import Settled transactions,

I can see a number of transactions are still PENDING on the feed (some examples below) when the bank flags them as settled they will be imported.


One recently imported at 14.05 for B & Q SUPERCENTRE

ah i see amazing! Thank you - can i ask how i can see the pending ones?

Hello @LDDesign

We draw down the feed at regular intervals to check for settled transactions, the feed is not available in the software

Understood - thank so much for your help and explanation!

Pending transactions are shown as pending in the Starting app, usually all debit card transactions will be shown as pending and as soon as they clear they are instantly imported into QuickFile

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