Bank feed missing payments

Having revalidated my Barclays Bank feed there is again a couple of payments missing. This happened last time, despite repeatedly asking the system check and refresh nothing is changing.
Firstly can someone form QF refresh the feed from their side as this solved the problem last time.
Secondly how can I avoid this happening every 3 months?

Hi @Shtherapy

When you refresh are you entering a date for the feed to look back to? If you are just refreshing it will only refresh for the last day or so.

When reconnecting the feed and running the refresh you should be given the option to enter a date. You would need to enter the date the feed last worked so that any missing transactions can be brought in.

If you have tried this and it is still not working then if you could send @QFSupport a message with your QuickFile account number and the dates you’re missing then we can look at refreshing for you

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I am having the exact same issue. I have refreshed the feed going back as far as possible and certain transactions are still missing.

What sort of transactions are they? Is it consistently the same type that are missing?

Hi Beth,
Yes the date covers the missing payments.
I have tried to message email QFsupport but it just bounced back and didn’t know how else to contact QF other than posting this question. How do I send a message to @QFSupport?

Hi @Shtherapy

On the QuickFile forum, you can click on the name “QFSupport” and then click “Message”

How to send a private message on the forum

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