Bank feed not downloading


We’ve got quickfile set up to automatically import our transactions but it has not imported for a couple of days now and I can’t find anywhere to see what the problem is


hi @AcmeArb,

Are you using an Open Banking feed or a Yodlee feed?

Also, Which bank are you connected with?

Have you tried refreshing the feed, and do you get any errors on the screen?

I’m not sure which feed, how do I find that out?

Connected with Santander

Hi @AcmeArb,

If you click on Active feed, it will bring up more information, You will see a raw Yodlee feed tab if it is a yodlee feed.

Did you try to refresh the feed, and did you have any luck with this?

Hi Beth,

It says its open banking

I clicked refresh feed but it just brought up that same box showing the feed details and didnt do anything


hi @AcmeArb,

I will send you a private message now to get some more information from you and hopefully resolve this for you

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