Bank feed not running?

Bank Feeds Problems

I have been penalised by Company Houses as my accountant register here did submit the returns the 8 Jan 2019 ( i have approved accounts electronically the 20 th December.
He sais I should submitted before this date as i was my responsibility ( i did not agree) .
When I start doing my booking as usual the bank feeds has not been there.
I contact him and he said the didn’t know i have been used then ( despite i was under his umbrella software )
He told me i have to pay now for this service and i did pay but i have not been able to recover all the missed data.
After this he steeped back closing eve-thing here without notice and now i have to pay £150 to Company House and find another accountant .
Despite i have paid the bank feeds is still not working
Im not sure what can i do to insure the data i have in Quick Files under the umbrella accounts of my ex- accountant is still save and why the feeds dont work
I have asked to him that but he didn’t reply to me.
I hope you can help me

Hi @msmarino

We will certainly try to assist you with getting the bank feeds working.

What bank are you with? Are you able to do a manual refresh of the feed (More Options >> Refresh Bank Feed), and if so, do you see any prompts for codes or errors?