Bank feed on ipad

How to load the bank feed on an ipad there doesn’t seem to be a button on th edown load page to actually down load the feed.

I’m not sure you’ll even be able to download the CSV file from your bank to start with using an iPad?

You may need to use a PC/Mac to do this.

When we try to export the bank statement from the Ipad it appears as a web page. Thought of adding a compatible spreadsheet app to the ipad to see if we could download to this then save and upload to QuickFile. It is not a problem if it is not possible just handy if it is. .

If you don’t need to open it then you shouldn’t need an app installed?

I added the question mark above as I don’t own an iPad, or anything Apple. On my non-Apple devices I can download and upload unknown filetypes at will. If the button doesn’t appear I would assume this is to do with the browser rather than not having an application installed to handle the link target?

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