Bank feed plug-in - Delay when processing the feed

I’ve now used this feature successfully a few times and it’s very good. But I thought it may help someone to know that the export from the bank (Nat West) in my case doesn’t appear instantly in Quickfile. In fact it takes several minutes and, if you’re not aware of that, you think it’s not worked and perhaps try it again unnecessarily. Also, I don’t think it will export more than 2 requests (for want of a better word) at a time, so it’s necessary to process 1 before another will come into Quickfile (if you have multiple accounts, it may help to know this).

Not sure if this info. is anywhere else, but it may help.


Thanks Tim, We’re actually planning to add an additional warning to the confirmation popup as it is not clear that there will be a 3-5 min delay. We also plan to add a log where you can see feeds that are “pending” and somewhere you can view any previous errors.