Bank Feed Plugin - Co-op Bank

Are there any plans to include Co-op bank in the bank feed plugin?

Co-op provides free business banking and would therefore be a great addition to the free accounting solution!


Unfortunately we’re not currently in a position to developer further bank feeds. The main problem we have is opening and maintaining accounts for all these different banks, this is necessary to fully test and maintain the feed.

The bank feed plugin is written entirely in Javascript and is therefore fully open source. Any developers wishing to build additional feeds can do so and we’re more than happy to help out where possible.

This would have been handy for us as we use the Co-op…ah well :smile:

Us to, i used to use Barclays so having the bank feed was great, now we have moved over to the co-op with the FSB free banking. Do you know if there will be plans with the new bank feed on the tool bar (Beta)

As per my earlier post there are no plans to continue developing feeds for more banks (apart from Lloyds which was scheduled from the begining). Unfortunately the logistics of developing and maintaining a feed for every bank is too complex. The bank feed plugin is javascript based so any developer can pick this up and add additional feeds if they wish. Sorry about that…we just don’t have the resources right now. Also we can’t open an account with every bank for test purposes.

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