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Bank feed problem with connecting

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This should now be resolved. Please can you try renewing the Open Banking feed and let us know if this now works all OK?

Yes, Thank you it’s working correctly.

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Mine still isn’t working. I did the refresh then also disconnected the feed and reconnected 2 hours ago but no transactions have pulled through. I just did a refresh and it took me to Natwest where I asked me to put in all my user details then said the online was locked for 10 minutes as I Have connected from 2 different devices which I haven’t


Was the error showing on QuickFile’s side or Natwest? If you don’t mind could you take a screenshot for us?

Thanks yes it now works.


For security reasons access to your Online Banking service has been restricted for 10 minutes. This is because your accounts may have been accessed from two different devices (a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile), within a short period of time.

If you are trying to login because you have received:

  • A text or email alert advising of activity in your Online Banking service which you haven’t carried out
  • A phone call where you have been asked to provide your Online Banking security details, such as Customer Number, PIN and Password or card-reader codes

Hi @pb8cn,

Unfortunately that error is from the bank, if the problem persists you would be best to contact them as it is out of our control.

Sorry I couldn’t help

I spoke with NatWest they said no issues their end as I can log into my accounts through the internet banking they suggested an issue with the Yodlee bank feed, can you check with them to see whether they are having issues please

Hi @Paul_Bewley/@pb8cn (not sure which one you’re using)

The error you had only said that it would be blocked for 10 minutes. Have you tried to connect the feed again since?

Yes I’ve tried a few times

Remember that you logging into internet banking yourself and then Yodlee logging in to internet banking on your behalf would look to NatWest like “two different devices within a short period of time”. If you have been logging into internet banking yourself then you will have to wait a while after logging out before you try to refresh the Yodlee feed.

Also, if Yodlee have a cluster of machines rather than just one to do the screen scraping then it’s possible that if you try to refresh the feed twice in quick succession and the two refreshes are handled by different servers at Yodlee, then again that would look to NatWest like two different devices.