Bank feed problems

Hello I have just renewed my bank feed which had expired but the paid out in my bank accounts - last day of direct debits was 15th Nov 2021 - why is this and can I fix it without having to manually add all of the DD since then?
Thanks for any help in managing this, please

Hello @PeakInsight

Most banks poll the feeds over night and only allow you to go back around 30 days.
If you have just renewed this today, have a look tomorrow and see if there are missing transactions (to get a date range).

You may have to import a bank statement covering the period 16/11/21-06/04/22 (roughly)

Her is an article on importing bank statement to help you.

Hello Steve,

Many thanks for this information, I may need to import bank statements then but that is great, thanks for your support.

P.s. Were do I retrieve invoices for bank statement service from Quick file please?

do you mean quickfiles invoice for the bank feed?
If so, click on your account name at the top, right hand-side and choose Billing. There you can find all the invoices issued by quickfile

Hope this helps

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Yes, that is what I meant, thank you so very much for your help. Quick, helpful and to the point whilst not making me feel silly! Thank you so much
Kind regards

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