Bank feed query again

how do i manually refresh my bank feed. Ive just linked my bank account and want it to pick up invoices that have been paid

On your bank account statement screen ( in quickfile), click option and then refresh bank feed.
Hope this helps

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Thanks. But why does it not show that invoices have been paid in the Invoice Management bit?
The top one has been paid and was done by bank transfer last week, but it hasnt turned green?!
I thought that’s what the bank feed did.

Hi @hcraig

The bank feed automatically pulls in your transactions, it doesn’t automatically mark invoices as “PAID”.

You can mark these as paid however by tagging the bank transactions. Where you have an untagged transaction in your bank statement view, just click “Tag Me” and go from there.

If you need any further help, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

In addition to Matthew, you could also use automated bank tagging rules to get your bank account entries tagged to the invoices automatically. Have look here: Automated bank tagging rules

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That’s not strictly true, you can create invoices from bank tagging but you can’t tag bank transactions to open invoices automatically.

Hi, thanks for that…however, when I go to the dashboard and go to an invoice I know has been paid, then go to ‘record a payment’ it gives me this warning in pink. I used bank feed a couple of years ago and thought it did have the capability and functionality to mark invoices paid when it saw an amount. Maybe Im wrong, however what do i do after receiving this pink warning?
Many thanks

If you’ve got a bank feed active then it’s better to tag the payment from the bank so you don’t inadvertently cause duplications. That’s basically what the warning means.

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If you use the bank feed then you tag the invoices from your bank account by going to your bank account and click on the tag button next to the payment entry, which shows the payment received for the invoice in question. A new little window opens. Click on payment from from client and it will show all invoices with that amount - choose the right invoice. Done.

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