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Hi Guys,

Still love the software 3 years in.

Have been using yodlee fees for about 18 months now and some of our Clients only process once or twice every quarter.
When the yodlee feeds run out they are unaware as they haven’t been on regularly so have missed the very brief notification that the feed is about to expire.
They then have to go through it all again, purchase feed link accounts and so on.
In many cases can’t go back far enough so have to get the missing bits rebalance everything etc.

Can this reminder be enhanced ? flagged up earlier? email reminder sent out ? set up as paid by DD?

Just a minor thing but would make life easier

Many Thanks


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Hello @TomCastletree

Currently we send out 3 email reminders:

  • 30 days prior to expiry
  • 7 days prior to expiry
  • 1 day prior to expiry

These are sent to the administrator’s email account. In the event that this is an Affinity account, it’s sent to the Affinity admin.

Direct debit isn’t supported at the moment, but it is something we can look at as future development. However, it’s worth noting that since last October Yodlee can be added onto an Affinity subscription as a daily recurring fee (same as the account fees). Some Affinity account holders find this easier to manage and add it onto their management fee for their clients.

In addition to the emails, we also display the notice on the dashboard for a few weeks prior to it expiring too.

If you don’t believe the emails have been received, please don’t hesitate to let me know and we can take a look at this for you.

I hope this helps.

That’s brilliant.

I was aware of the rolling subscription on the Affinity Account which is excellent, although the window for setting this up (change from previous DD) appears to be small ?

But some Clients prefer to handle these things themselves, so we can easily manage these by just forwarding the email reminders.

I will raise it with the Boss, who possibly hasn’t noticed these reminders amongst the 200/day and we can filter it off.

As always

Many Thanks

There’s no time limit on this. It can be added at any time providing an existing subscription doesn’t exist. If you have accounts that have a current subscription and you want to take it over when it expires, let us know (you can send me a private message on here) and we’ll help switch it over so everything continues to run smoothly.

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