Bank Feed Settings - Not pulling information from Tide


I signed up for the bank feed for Tide (£15), but I can not get Quickfile to import transactions from my Tide account.

Any tips?


Unfortunately, Yodlee is still not pulling information from my Tide Bank account…

Hi @C_S

The Tide feed is a direct feed rather than a Yodlee feed. With these, they will only import transactions from the date it was set up - it won’t import historic data. This would need to be done by importing a CSV or similar, which you can download from the web interface for Tide.

I also signed up for Tide integration. More to the point I used Google to find out what accounting solutions were using Tide’s API and found Quickfile. My first reaction is that it falls short of what I expected. I thought a bank API would give me full realtime data exchange with the bank, similar to the notifications these new challenger banks send to your phone.

So far my recurring invoices for today haven’t been issued (I am used to Wave doing them around 5am) and my incoming payments for today haven’t shown up. Then I noticed that the Tide link is scheduled to work only once every 24 hours at 1am. My first incoming standing order payment arrived at 4.05 am. Does this mean I won’t see it until tomorrow? Some of the banks don’t do their standing order runs until 8-9am so they will be a day late appearing in Quickfile.

My main business and personal bank is Starling so I hope this integration is imminent. And I hope it is real-time. Despite these gremlins, I still have to congratulate Quickfile for being one of the first to integrate the challenger banks.


Hi @briansmart

I just wanted to touch on the real time transaction part of your post firstly to hopefully explain how this could work (but can’t at the moment).

We are in the process of developing the Starling Bank feed, but this is currently waiting for Starling to release an API for their business accounts, which would allow us to read the transactions. The reason I mention Starling here is because unlike Tide, Starling offers a webhook feature. What this does is it tells us when a transaction takes place, whereas Tide doesn’t.

So with Starling, as soon as you make that purchase on your card and you receive the notification from the app, we’ll also be notified and can enter it into your account. Tide on the other hand, don’t tell us as they don’t offer webhooks at the moment (although they say these are planned, here).

Hopefully that clears that part up for you!

This is a little bit unfortunate here. We do process these at around 8am, however, being the 1st of the month there are a much larger amount of invoices than normal, so these can take a little while to process. I can confirm that these are being processed right now.

That’s correct. We can certainly consider changing the Tide times based on feedback, but generally speaking all feeds are updated at around 1am at the moment.

As far as we are concerned, we’re pretty much ready and waiting for Starling:

And as you can see, it would real time, providing Starling continues the webhook feature for business accounts too.

Thank you :+1:. We’re keen to connect with the banks that offer this support and will continue to do so as they become available.

Thank You. Because you are obviously responsive and open to suggestions, just like these new challenger banks, and this is so refreshing after seven and a half years with Wave Accounts. They took weeks to get actual faults sorted out and weren’t interested in changing anything. For the last 12 months the best they have offered is work-arounds (for things like incorrect importing of CSVs and no implementation for credit notes).

So I am pleased I found you and I was grateful for the webhook information. One of the reasons I am migrating my banking to Starling is because they have real time notifications and Tide don’t. Your explanation enlightens me as to why. And although it is good to see that you are keen to work with any future banking API, it is difficult to see why I would go elsewhere. For the first time in my 50+ years of banking I now have the complete solution for all my banking needs in one app - the Starling joint account they just introduced now puts my wife and I back banking together.

Starling and Quickfile - the ultimate team!