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I’m paying the extra for bank feeds and set up a NatWest link using Open Banking. It worked for a short while after I set it up (if I view Recent Batch Uploads I see uploads Aug 18 23 25 and Sept 3 4 and 10) but then appears to have shut down. I tied, and the system let me, reconnect the account this evening - which suggests it had become disconnected. Is this right? And if so, why did it happen and is it going to happen often?

Hi @CottenhamDom

Sorry to hear you’re having issues here.

If it is an Open Banking feed, it may have been that the authorisation expired. This is part of the security within the Open Banking setup - when you authorise access to QuickFile, it will last for 90 days and then you will need to set it back up.

If you go to Banking >> Open Banking Feeds, you should see a list of all the authorisations and how long is left on them. It’s also worth double-checking that all your linked accounts are listed there too.

Hi @CottenhamDom,

Just following up, are you still having problems with Natwest or has the issue resolved itself?

Hi Beth. Thanks for following up. I’m not sure it’s sorted. I set up the feed in mid-August, and re-connected it last week, but it’s showing expiry in 41 days. I’m not sure of the exact date in August I first set it up, but 41 days left seems like it may well be 90 days from then - in which case, why did it stop working and why did I have to re-connect it? I’ve added a screenshot to show what the feed page shows. Thanks - Dominic

Hi @CottenhamDom,

The 41 days will be 90 days from the day you set it up in August. When you re-connected last week that was essentially just nudging the feed back into life rather than re-allowing the connection.

I couldn’t tell you the reason it stopped working, it could have had something to do with the banks doing updates and a web-path being altered slightly causing you to have to refresh the feed.

Hope this helps

I’m still having problems with my NatWest bank feed. It’s stopped again. The bank feed screen shows that it’s still got 15 days to run but also shows that I have to reconnect it (I never disconnected it!) - but if I go to the current account page ‘more’ options as instructed there isn’t the option to reconnect. Screenshots follow to demonstrate.

Hi @CottenhamDom,

Looking at your Screenshot I can see that there is no bank icon against your account:

You’ll need to go into the settings and select Natwest from the drop down. Once you have the correct bank selected then the option to link to your bank feed will appear.

Hope this helps

Hi Beth. Not only was ‘NatWest’ no longer in the settings in the ‘Bank Name’ field, but the account number and sort code fields were blank. They clearly were filled out, since the bank feed has worked on and off, and I definitely did not even look in that screen let alone delete the information in those fields!

I’ve updated it all and (re) activated the feed, and have got new transactions come through. I hope it continues to work consistently from now on, because so far, it’s not worth the fee that I’ve paid, given the amount of extra time I’ve spent trying to keep it working compared with the time I would have spent downloading statements from my bank and importing them, old-stylee…

Regards - Dominic

Hi Dominic,

From what you have said it sounds like you had a yodlee feed connected to this account previously. These have been discontinued for certain banks including NatWest, so when this was removed from the account the bank settings that would have been brought through from that feed would have been removed too.

The Open Banking feeds are much more reliable than the Yodlee feeds so you shouldn’t have problems going forward.

Hi Beth. No, I only started using this recently and went straight onto bank feeds, not Yodlee. The screenshot following shows that I only purchased bank feeds on August 18 this year.


Hi @CottenhamDom,

Yodlee and Open Banking are both classed as bank feeds, they just have slightly different set ups so they would both have been accessible when you paid the subscription.

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