Bank feed stopped working

Why has the auto bank feed stopped even though I’ve paid my fee?

Hi @dplant3

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the bank feed.

Can I just ask what bank the feed is for, and what type of feed you’re using please?

It’s the auto band feed from the company business account into QuickFile, I paid my fee back in March but I have had to manually download the transactions so that I can complete my vat return, the transactions should download on a daily basis

What Bank and type of feed ar you using (e.g. is it Yodlee or Open Banking?)

If you’re not sure what type of feed it is, if you view the bank account statement on QuickFile, and go to More Options >> Bank Feed Details, you should see a mention of the feed type.

It’s yodlee I think it says

And which bank is the account with?

Santander, it worked fine until March


If you have tried to refresh your feed to you get any errors? have you been prompted to re-enter your details to access the bank?

Let me know if you’re still having problems


Just to follow up - have you managed to sort this now?

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