Bank Feed Stopped

Our Barclays bank feed hasn’t worked since the 19th January?

Hi @james_brightley

Can I check what feed you are using please? Is it the QuickFile feed, Yodlee or the Open Banking feed?

I believe it’s the QuickFile feed, it’s whatever use to be free with the platform that we still get being an early adopter.

Thanks for confirming.

Unfortunately this feed was depreciated due to the launch of the Open Banking feed.

You can read more about this here: Transition to Open Banking (Barclays)

Slightly frustrating as we didn’t get the email regarding this. I have gone through and purchased the feed but when I go to add the bank, Barclays is giving me an error, are you ware of any issues with this at the minute?

Hi James,

I’m sorry for the issues you’ve experienced moving over to the Open Banking feed. We’re investigating why you weren’t included on the email notification that was sent out in December.

Regarding the technical issue above, I have been informed today by our Open Banking liaison at Barclays that they are experiencing technical issues with their authorisation process. I am awaiting further updates for their team on this issue and we’ll report back ASAP.

I am still having to manually request the Lloyds bank account feed whenever I log on to QuickFile. In the past it used to do an auto update overnight or early morning once a day.
I never r got an answer on this previously when I asked and bearing in mind we pay extra for this online bank account feed when will we get an answer on why the auto overnight feed update does not work?

Hi @Stridey

What accounts do you have with Lloyds? Is it just a current account?

The reason I ask, is because we’ve just opened up the bank feeds for testing (Open Banking Beta Testing), which includes Lloyds. I’d be more than happy to enable this for you if you wish?

Thanks for the reply. Yes its just the current account.

If the Open Banking Beta Testing works fine then I am happy with you to enable that for us.

Please let me know via private comms or similar when this is actioned and advise any procedure.

thanks Mark