Bank Feed transaction edits


This is another recommendation really. Banks feeds are great, no question, but, dare I say, their benefit is not fully appreciated or even neutralised due to limitations within QF.

Transactions appear on the current account - all well and good. Unfortunately, they are usually long text strings with capitalised sections and reference numbers etc. Not sure about others, but my natural temptation is the change ‘WCPC READING STAT CD 281289/1123’ to ‘Payment to Southern Railways’ or whatever; plus, this is one of my saved suppliers so that’s good - or is it?

Issue 1: In order to do anything with the transaction - whether the description has been edited or not - it’s: Tag - Payment to Supplier - no matching transaction - create a new invoice for this… - allocate to supplier - add a reference - save. Any advantage against having just ‘Input New transaction’ - save - ‘confirm’ is lost several times over. Solution: At the moment, when the description of a bank transaction is edited a green tick appears after a second, I guess, signifying that the new text has been saved and validated (some sort of ajax call and database update has happened, I suppose). Why not check the new description to see if it aligns to one of the bank tagging rules and offer a confirmation button as appropriate. This would save a lot of trouble for about 75% of my imported transactions whihc i currently end up replacing and deleting. [Perhaps this is already possible and I just can’t see how to do it].

Issue 2: Cannot edit the value of an imported or any other bank transaction - rather unusual, no? I can see that allowing editing of a tagged transaction may be problematic - would need reallocating to purchase invoices etc. - so not a good option for those, but i think it is pretty essential for an untagged transaction. With transactions from the bank feed, I want to be able to combine two transactions (e.g. a payment and the banks associated foreign charge or two transaction from the same supplier at the same time) into one; I want to break up a director’s payment into one transaction for dividend and one for PAYE (edit one and create another to go with it); for a non-bank feed transaction that i have created, I want to be able to correct a typo in the value without deleting the whole transaction. Solution: allow edit of value - same as date and description - on untagged transactions.

I was quite keen on the bank feed when i first activated it but now i find that i delete a lot of the transactions, as it is normally easier to just start again for most things, which is a shame. I think the two solutions above would help for the majority of imported transactions.

Be interesting to get opinions, cheers,