Bank feed vs paypal feed

Hi all

I have my bank feed set up and my paypal feed. When my customer pays by paypal using quickfiles integrated link from the invoice it tags the invoice as payed which is great. However in the bank feed it is tagged, but it also appears in the paypal feed but not tagged.

Can I fix this or should I leave it or delete???


Hi @neil_duncan

I just want to ensure I’ve understood correctly - the untagged entry in the PayPal account, is this money out for the bank transfer (what was paid by your customer, minus PayPal’s fees), or is it the full amount coming in for the invoice itself?

It is the full amount (no fee deducted) and I’m unable to tag it because it’s tagged in the bank account feed.

If the user paid using PayPal through QuickFile, the transaction shouldn’t be coming in on the overnight feed.

Let me send you a private message and we can take a look at this for you.