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Bank Feed working but no transactions

My Bank feed indicates that it is connected and working but I have had no updates for 4 days. I have tried deleting bank and reinstalling it but still no new transactions on show. I have searched through old information but cannot find anything relevant. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

I’ve got the same thing - I have 3 transactions which I can see on my Starling phone app - but they are not showing in my Quickfile bank feed - like you I’ve checked that the feed seems all OK and active. I wonder if it’s across multiple feeds?
Mine is Starling Bank.

What kind of transactions? If they’re card payments then I believe the app shows them as soon as the merchant has requested authorisation, but the QuickFile feed only pulls them in once they’re fully settled and the money has left your account.

What @ian_roberts says is correct. The bank statement view in QuickFile should reflect your actual bank statement from Starling, which shows only booked transactions (that is, those that aren’t pending).

Any card transactions should appear in a few days.

@You-Nique - Are you also using Starling?

HI Mathew, no I’m using Barclays but no matter how many times I “refresh feed” nothing extra is added.

HI Ian, it seem there are no transactions at. So although we operate 7 days a week we’ve sold nothing and spent nothing. Just totally confused on this one.

Ah thank-you, that’s useful info to know - of my 3 transactions, 2 are bank transfers which I’ve done today (I shall look out for those tomorrow then) and the 3rd one is a transaction which I did on the 22nd of this month and isn’t showing as “pending”, although it was using my business account at “Staples” and for which I have just received an invoice, so it could be that they are somehow waiting to officially take the cash at some future point, I wonder? The transaction notification pinged onto my phone at the time that I made the purchase so it certainly felt like it came out of the account at the time. The balance has certainly gone down by the amount. Maybe this is a case of “time will tell”?

@You-Nique - I’ll send you a private message to discuss this with you further.

@Liza_Aldridge - Any transaction except card transactions should be instant. Starling does give the notification instantly, but underneath the app, it’s still the same banking system where card payments take a few days to clear.

When was the bank feed set up in comparison to the transaction taking place?

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