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Bank feeds charges

Hi there I would like to set up bank feeds for about 3 bank accounts and a couple of credit cards. In the pricing structure it reads automated banking is free under 500 transactions however when I try to set up a bank feed for one of my accounts there seems to be an annual charge £15 /per annum. Could you please clarify what automated banking is free and whether £15 charge is per bank account or inlimited No of bank a/c per user. Rose

The charge is per QF account not per bank account.

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Hi @rmoon78

As @Paul_Courtier mentioned, the subscription is per QuickFile account and not per feed or per bank.

However, I just wanted to check where you saw this?

Hi Mathew thank you for your response. 're free automated banking this is how I interpreted your pricing structure on the quickfile website. Anyhow £15 per quickfile user rather than per bank account is reasonable and I shall use the bank feeds for all my ban accounts.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.