Bank Feeds - Natwest account moved to Bank of Scotland


I’m having trouble setting up the Natwest Bank Feeds feature on quickfile. Our business account is one of the accounts selected to be sold to another bank and therefore the default address that we use to login to online banking is different from the norm.

The default address is -
The address we need to use is -

Any ideas on how we can get this altered so that we can use the bank feeds feature?

Many thanks,

Oliver Nash

We are still beta testing Natwest and we have noticed some of these accounts that are getting moved to Bank of Scotland aren’t compatible with our current feed. According to Natwest accounts that have been moved can use the same password and pin but with a new customer number. Have you entered the new customer number in Quick File?

Hi Glenn,

Yes I’ve used the correct customer number, the details I’ve used allow me to login to the online banking portal normally, but whenever I click login on the quickfile chrome plugin, the macro runs and then tells me the details are incorrect. I think its something to do with it trying to log me in at instead of

I think the old customer number is saved in Quick File. When attempting to run the feed on the new area we get the message “The way you manage your accounts online has changed.” with instructions to login on