Bank Feeds Not Downloading in full

My account bank feeds are not downloading. I have seen some transactions missing from the feed in January, and although transactions were made in recent days on the account, these are not showing in the bank feed. Please can someone assist as it shows the feed is active.

What kind of transactions? If they’re card payments, then some banks show these kinds of transactions in your online banking as soon as the card authorisation has been processed, but at that point the transactions are still in a “pending” state. They will only appear in the feed once they’re fully “settled” and the money has actually left your account, which typically takes two or three working days but may be longer in some cases.

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Hello @Spectra

Most banks allow you to refresh the feed back 21 days. (Click Active Feed > Refresh > Enter date > Refresh)

Anything older than this would either have to be entered manually or imported from a bank statement

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