Bank import dissapeared

I imported a TXT file from bank, about 30 entries. AUtomatic tagging started and I manually tagged a couple of payments to invoices, and an HMRC vat payment. All normal so far. I came back later and the bank import was gone. I imported it again and started to tag the invoices again, but they showed as paid. I removed the tagged payment from the invoices and was able re tag the payment as normal. I then tagged the VAT payment and went and checked the VAT liability to see 2 identical payments. Is it possible to remove one, or am I going about this the wrong way?

Hi @SulisSilks

Do you have any other users on your account who may have removed the entries? If they were tagged to an invoice, you would see a trace of these being removed in your event log too.

However, from what you’ve said (the fact that the invoices were appearing as “Paid”), suggests that the entries were still on the account.

Where you see the two identification payments on the VAT nominal, you should be able to expand the entry and see where it’s tagged from - just click the littler question mark and it will show you.

Thanks so much, that identified the problem. It showed I had imported the bank data into the petty cash. Everything sorted out now. I will be more careful next time! Many thanks for your hep.

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