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Bank - more user friendly interface


Not sure how to suggest improvements I would like to see so hoping this is the place.

In banking it would be more useful if the system worked like this:

Upload bank statement/get bank feed
Take each line item and link it to an bill or invoice or transaction
Have the ability to link multiple items to one bank line item (eg credit card payments)

Just hoping …

Hi @WalkerTim

This is achievable in a sense, through bank tagging rules. Although tagging to a specific invoice (e.g. an outstanding one) is a bit more tricky. If you have 10 invoices for the same amount - how would we know which one it applies to?

This is already possible providing the payment is to the same client/supplier. Otherwise, you would need to use a holding account. With a credit card payment, for example, the holding account would be the correct way to handle this as it would replicate the activity on the merchant side of it.

I hope that makes sense?

thanks - yes. My problem is having the multiple accounts and moving things in and out. It would just be easier to say, have all outstanding invoices listed and tag those that relate to this payment. It saves a lot of time (on another accounts system I use) as there are fewer stages to reconciling.

Just a suggestion