Bank Narrative Description Added to Notes: P&L category/DLA analysis

My last post on this saw a great improvement added - ability to see ‘notes’ added next to transactions.

Working today, I notice that it could be made even better.

Say, if I don’t add a note, perhaps because I bulk tag or am lazy - it would be great it there was a 2nd checkbox that brought up the bank statement description for that item.

I could then just present (for example) the client with an analysis of what I have booked to DLA or travel etc. Usually the bank description and date is enough for them to know what the money was spent on.

As the transaction came into the nominal via bank tagging, hopefully only a little code would be required to pull the bank description through?

Really hoping you can add this in!

Many thanks

That’s a good idea and has been mentioned before on the forum with regards to bank transfers , unfortunately I have been unable to find the other post.

We would possibly also look at including the description as standard in the notes for bank transfers, the user can then edit the notes before or after the transfer.

I’ve converted the post to a feature request for now, although as usual we can’t provide any timescales for implementation.

Please please please add this soon - driving me nuts that I can’t just run off a code analysis that means antything to me or my client “transfer from current account” “purchase QF1111”. Great, but what were they?

I’d suggest a 3 column export - bank narrative, purchase description (if tagged to a PI) and notes.

I could then select the one(s) most relevant for the nominal I’m printing. Or if they all export of course I can delete a column easily.

I think having everything in 1 column is a bad idea though. Too hard to read/manipulate/edit

Many thanks