Bank Rec - Outstanding Item

I have an item left unreconciled on the bank rec, but it is marked as paid from the supplier record. There are no duplicate payments. How can this be resolved?

Hi @Helen_Passfield1

It’s tricky to know without looking over your accounts and statements, so you may find that a bookkeeper or accountant would be better to advise you in situations such as this.

The question is - if it’s tagged, has it actually been paid, and if so how?
If it hasn’t been paid, then you can safely untag the transaction and delete it so your bank statement on QuickFile matches your true bank statement.
If it has been paid, then you’ll need to try and marry up the statements on QuickFile with your actual statements to ensure everything matches.

I’m assuming that as it’s been tagged, you have paid it but not at that specific date. If that’s the case, it’s probably likely that you have another discrepancy elsewhere.

I am an accountant with over 20 years experience.

The questions is more about the mechanics of the transaction and the issue is it has not been tagged, but is showing as paid in the purchase ledger. It has been paid via FPO, and the transaction needs to be there in order to reconcile the bank.

If a purchase is marked as paid but doesn’t line up with anything on the current account then that suggests the payment was lodged against a different bank account. If you click through to the payment from the invoice screen that should show you which account it was paid from.

If it was simply logged on the wrong account by mistake you could just delete the payment (reverting the purchase to unpaid) then tag it from the bank. Alternatively you could balance things out by tagging the bank transaction as a transfer to the other (wrong) account.

Thanks Ian. I am honestly not sure where the transaction had been tagged, but detached it and reassigned to the bank transaction in question. All is now aligned but the strange thing is that wherever it was previously tagged has not presented a reconciling item

It depends how you detached it - if you deleted the “payment” entirely then that would have removed the matching bank transaction, if you detached the payment from the purchase but didn’t delete the payment entirely then it would have left the amount tagged as a prepayment credit against the relevant supplier. The only way you’d get left with an untagged bank transaction to reconcile is if you found the bank transaction relating to the original payment in whichever account it was and untagged it from there (which would delete the payment record but only revert the bank transaction to untagged rather than removing it completely).

I have a further issue on the bank rec. When trying to tag a couple of payments to suppliers I receive a message to state that there are currently no outstanding invoices despite having just entered these and being able to view them on the purchase ledger. Please advise

Is the payment the same as the full value of the invoice? If not, that’s why it wouldn’t show up.

In this case, you would need to click the ‘Pay down multiple invoices’ option, enter the suppliers name and select the invoice from there.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further help with this :slight_smile:

I am in the multiple invoices section when I get that message. Thanks

I’ll send you a private message shortly to get a few more details from you and take a closer look

The amounts won’t be exactly the same because of fx diffs, the difference needs to be posted to fx gains/losses

That would be the issue. The bank tagging method only works in the same currency as the payment itself. So if the payment was in, for example USD and the invoice was in GBP, then it won’t be shown.

There’s a bit more info on this here, including how to mark the invoice as paid: