Bank Recon - display running total

I’m trying to find a discrepancy against bank statement when attempting to reconcile.
However, the totals in QF are only shown every few transactions making it difficult to track down my error/omission.
Is it possible to display running account balance for every transaction?

Click ‘More Options’ then ‘Reconcile’ in your bank account view.

The QuickFile bank account view shows the total at the end of each day, which is the point where it matters - transactions with the same date may not show up in QuickFile in exactly the same order as they do on your bank statement.

So it might help someone else…
Bank statement on 1st month displays a payment and a bank balance, say -£69.03 & £1024.20.
So it looks natural when reconciling to use £1024.20 as opening balance which QF then (assuming a day change) shows a balance of £955.17.
However QF is actually a one day out of sync with bank statement because opening balance should be £1024.20 + £69.03 = £1093.23.

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