Bank reconcilation issue

Hi, this is one I haven’t seen before. I’ve uploaded a .csv of bank transactions for a set of accounts starting from 1 Oct 2019 but now prior year bank balance is out by £75.96. I’ve trawled through and have found that there is a blip on the 2 August 2019, the transactions are correct but the ending balance doesn’t match;

cl balance 30 July 19 £46.60
1 August money out £116.76 closing balance -£70.16
1 August money in £100.00 closing balance £105.80 - should be £29.84.

Weird thing is when I reconcile the daily closing balances are ok, but when I come off the reconciliation screen the ending balance is out by £75.96

If the transactions are correct then the balance should be also.

Did you add an opening balance for the bank account?

Hi @Mushroom

Have you checked the bank nominal for that date to see if you’ve got any journals that may affect the balance

No journals, a journal would show on the bank feed anyway would it not?

Hi @Mushroom

Yes, it would show on the bank feed but sometimes things are easier to see from the nominal view.

If you want me to take a look at the account to see if I can help find the discrepency then if you send a message to @QFSupport with your account number and details of the mismatch then I can investigate for you

There is an opening balance dated the 30//09/18 for the same amount that is out but why would that affect the balance on the 30/7/19? the ending balance shouldn’t change like that, it should alwys be correct. Strange thing is the ending balance as at 30/9/19 (the prior year end) was correct until I uploaded the new csv for the next year, it was then I noticed the ending balance, I spent ages tracking it down to the prior year, its a bit weird that’s happened!

I’ve just sent the details over now, thanks

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If its out by the same amount as the opening balance that’s a big hint.

I’m know, but I can’t see why the ending balance, which was okay at the end of 30 Sep 19 is suddenly not now. No transactions were uploaded in the year that was already finalised, nothing should be affected there.

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