Bank reconciliation and untagged invoices

Hopefully, not a daft question;

I’m receiving now invoices for an event in March. I will probably pay them first week of March. If I send pdf copies to the receipt hub and tag them, will this stop my February end of month bank reconciliation from balancing?
If it does, Ill just leave them untagged in the hub.

Hello Dave

The idea is, the software replicates what has happened in real life.

If the payments are not made yet I would not recommend tagging them yet.

Makes sense. Many Thanks

You can safely tag them in the Receipt Hub to create the purchase records as long as you leave them as unpaid, it won’t affect anything in the bank accounts side unless you were to tick the “paid” box.

That’s always been my normal workflow - send the PDF to the receipt hub, tag it there to create a purchase record (unpaid) whose date matches the date of the invoice, then when I make the payment tag the bank transaction to the unpaid purchase to create a payment record on the date of payment.

The “paid” box on the receipt hub is just a shortcut to create a payment with the same date as the invoice, which is likely to be the wrong date most of the time anyway.

Thank you very much Ian.

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