Bank reconciliation in quickfile

Is there anyway of saving the ticked items when you reconcile a bank statement? I have just had to perform a reconciliation for an entire against the company bank statement, and each time I have to enter or modify something, or I move away from the page, it unticks everything and I have to do the whole process over again!!!

What the system should do is save the reconciled items, show me a list of older unreconciled items for the period, then I can modify/amend where relevant, but come back to the reconciliation where I left off.

Currently I am having to do the same job at least 3 times over!!!

Thank you.

Hi @Cheryl_Hemmings

Did you use the reconsile tool? Entering a date range and amounts will allow you to do the job quickly and easily. It should also save you the headache of things unticking between pages

Yes, that is how I have been doing the reconciliation, entering start and end date and balances, but like I say, as soon as you update something or move to another page it unticks everything, so you have to do the whole process over again!

Open new pages in new tabs to save having to re-enter everything. Hold Ctrl while clicking a link to have it open in a new tab or right click and select open in new tab.

I’ve had quickfile open in other tabs to allow me to enter items to the bank account or change details on purchase invoices.

The point is, as soon as I want to re-reconcile to include all the items I have amended, it removes the ticks!!

Hi @Cheryl_Hemmings

If you have a bank statement (paper or online), enter a date range you wish to check, and the amounts on those dates:

Press ‘Go’, and it will tell you if there’s a difference between those dates:

Repeat the process using different date ranges unless you can narrow it to a small date range - that should help you get to the issue quicker than ticking transactions.

The other option would be to download a CSV export. There’s a useful guide here that explains both methods:

As always, if you need further help, please don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:


I have done all of the above, but even reconciling a month, I still have to re-tick everything once I have added in the missing items, why does the system not save the ticked items as reconciled?

Hi @Cheryl_Hemmings

I’ve just tried running the reconciliation tool (as above) on a test account, it actually lists more than the 50 transactions. I believe this was relaxed some time ago as it’s a ‘one off’ process rather than repeated. This would allow you to check more transactions in one go.

Is this not the case with your account? If not, can you walk me through the process you are doing and I’ll try and replicate it

Alternatively, are you able to check smaller periods at a time? The 50 page limit is in place to prevent a large load on our servers. There’s more info on this, in a post by @Glenn.

Hi Glenn,

Even if I try and reconcile for a month, I have to re-tick everything each time, so…

I enter my reconciliation dates and balances, press go, and it tells me what I am short/over by.
I then tick the items I have on my bank statement.
I find I do not have some transactions in quickfile, so I add these to quickfile.
I then hit reconcile again to include these newly added unticked items.
Quickfile then unticks everything I had ticked, so I need to start the check again from the beginning of the month.

Why can the system not save the already ticked items, so that you can come back to reconciliation once any amendments have been made?


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Hi @Cheryl_Hemmings

It’s not a request that’s come up previously, but we’ll leave this topic open as a feature request.

As with many of our features, they’re driven by community demand. If there interest is there from the community, we’ll happily look into it further.

I too would like to see this happen. I get round it now by only reconciling one bank statement page at a time, but it’s a pain.

This would be very helpful to part reconcile and go back to it to complete at a later date.

What was the result of this? I too would like this. Actually, even a manual checkbox on each each bank transaction record would do.


This thread is still marked as a feature request. Nothing has changed here I’m afraid.