Bank Reconciliation save - export


I have done my second Bank Reconciliaiton, followed the instructions:

Selected - Options - Reconcile - Selected Date Range - Inserted Start and End Balance - Pressed GO- Perfect!

Now I expected the items reconciled to show as such, beinggreyed out, or not being able to be tag the lines twice as alredy reconciled??

Have I missed a step after selecting GO?

And how do I export my reconciliation? Do I have to manually select each line? It seems a bit long winded…

Thank you

Hi @Mimi

The reconciliation tool is just for you to check that the transactions match it doesn’t lock any transactions.

If you want to export you can tick the box within the title row - this will tick all the rows to enable you to export:


That would be a useful feature, once reconciled, to lock those lines in.

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