Bank Reconciliation - unpresented items

Hi, I’m planning on using Quickfile in the near future. Can you do a bank reconciliation including unpresented cheques/bankings etc. I’ve had a quick look and can only see the bank working if you only record the actual transactions in the bank.

Is there a report available for unpresented items so I can do a bank reconciliation properly?


Yes you can, bank reconciliation works through tagging system, any transaction not tagged would be un-presented cheques etc which can be reconciled and listed through matched transaction option on bank view screen

There’s a guide on bank reconciliation here (Including use of the Match tool @Accountant mentions):

Bank Reconciliation in Quick File

In general Quick File works much better if you upload your bank statement and tag the items from there, you can also link transactions to invoices you may have raised separately. If you have a Barclays account you can even link to the automated feed, so your bank will never need reconciling.

Hi, thanks for your replies. I’ve had time to have a quick play with the software. It seems pretty good so far but I’ve still not worked out the bank rec completely. I’ve looked at the advice you’ve gave re the match tool etc. However this tells you the bank difference and the guide just says you need to find out what this difference is, Isn’t there a report to tell you this? I’ve had to tag the unpresented cheques so the supplier ledger is correct and not all posted to suspense but as I will need to post about 20 - 30 cheques per month, does this mean I will manually have to do my bank rec and I can’t use the software?


Have you considered uploading a CSV from your bank? As I mentioned before this makes the bank rec process redundant and effectively all you need to do is use the tagging process to link the invoices to the bank records.

This won’t include unpresented cheques as they are unpresented and don’t appear in the bank until after therefore this method will produce incorrect accounts overstating creditors. I’m assuming there is no report then?


These days businesses are normally online banking users, cheques are becoming history gradulaly. To work around your requirements, you can create another bank account called " unrepresented Cheques" , log all cheque payments to that account , this will reduce your suppliers balances and you will have list of unrepresented items too. Once cheque actually gone through main bank you can tag it as interbank transfer to this account. hope it helps


This is very useful actually if you regularly receive cheques…Setup a holdings account in the bank management area and any cheques just tag as a transfer from this account. That way you can mark your invoices as paid to this holdings account straight away without waiting for the cheques to clear, when the cheque clears and it’s transferred here it will balance out the account.

There was a proposal some years ago to scrap cheques, but unfortunately there was too much opposition and it got shelved :frowning:

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That’s a good way around it, thanks for your help. I’ll be up and running on it shortly hopefully.

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Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I have a bit unusual situation:
I paid for the cartridge in the supermarket, they gave me a receipt.
Today i trying to reconcile the bank and this payments not there, I spoke to the bank, they explained that in reality they usually reserve the funds and collect it later, which never happened in this case, this is why transaction not there.
Bank of course not reconciling now.

How do i go about it now?

Hi @IrMa

It’s usually best to wait until the transaction shows in your bank account before adding it to QuickFile. If you use the list of actual transactions showing on your online banking account, you’ll probably find everything is all in order.

Card transactions usually take a day or two to show up. Given that it’s Friday today, it probably won’t be until Monday/Tuesday before it appears, so I’d leave it off for now and wait until it does show. In the meantime, I’d also leave the purchase invoice as unpaid. Anything could happen between now and then! :wink:

Thank you for your reply.
I detached the payment and left it there so it is just there in red. Started reconciliation of next statement from next date of a receipt day - I just trying to find ways around it, but this difference tuning there :frowning:
But between now and then it is almost a year now :wink:
I am not sure what to do.

Is the missing item showing on your bank statement (online or paper)? If not, leave it out. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t match with your reconciliation if it’s not showing?

Your QuickFile bank account should mirror your current bank account. So if something is showing on there that isn’t on QuickFile, add it. If it’s not showing on your statement/online banking, then don’t show it on QuickFile (generally)

Ok, understand.
Thank you :slight_smile:-)

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