Bank Statement *.csv files not uploading

I have been trying to upload 2 *.csv bank statements for the past hour. After it drags on a bit, I get the message “We are having trouble mapping your file. Please contact us if you need any help.” I need help. The standard “Nationwide” bank import template doesn’t capture some information. I have been using a formula in Excel that was tried and true for months to concatenate 2 columns of info into 1 column (D) in Excel, then saving this as a new *.csv file. Then, when importing using the Nationwide template provided, the concatenated data would appear properly in the “Description” column when imported.

This has worked until today. Any help appreciated.

Thank you!

We changed our CSV parser about 3 weeks ago which is less forgiving with some file types. We did however test this with the standard Nationwide CSV and it works fine. As long as the concatenation isn’t changing the column order it should actually be OK. I can only speculate at this stage so it’s best if I send you a private message so I can get your account details and a copy of the CSV file.

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