Bank statement csv upload not working

When I go to upload a statement, I seem unable to browse for the file that I need to upload. On the Upload Banking Data page, I can select my bank (Lloyds), but when I click on the ‘choose file’ button, nothing happens. I have the .csv files ready on my computer and have done this before, so not sure what I’m doing wrong! Probably something very obvious. I am using Google Chrome and Windows 7. Please help!

Are you referring to the button below? This would normally open the file explorer dialogue box… works fine for me. Silly question but have you just tried rebooting your PC? Perhaps windows explorer has crashed in the background or you have some other explore dialogue open?

OK. The uploader was appearing in a different window, now I have found that, I can carry on. I’ll leave this post in place in case there is anyone as daft as me!

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Wow Glenn - thanks for your quick reply - nearly 10pm and during the Christmas holidays is beyond the call of duty! Many thanks, Mark

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