Bank statement import not working

I’ve managed to import before without any issues. But suddenly it seems QuickFile does not want to import any csv or any other format anymore

The bank feed also doesn’t seem to be updating

Hello @Kashif.Ali

We haven’t changed anything here, so it’s likely to be something has changed on the banks side of things.

What bank does this relate to? Are you able to import the file using the “Other” bank option?

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This started to work today. I am not sure what the issue was, however it wasn’t working with the same CSV, or QBO file at all on Sunday or Monday, however late last night it worked.

@Kashif.Ali - what bank is the export for?

It was for Barclays Bank

Thanks for letting us know. I’m glad you’ve managed to get this working.

As I mentioned, we haven’t changed anything here so it certainly does sound a bit strange. But please let us know if you encounter the same issue again and we can investigate it further.

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