Bank Statement Imported for Tagging

I’ve just imported my latest bank statement. Prior to doing this I had entered some invoices sent to customers and entered the payments from them so their balances are all zero. However, now that I have the bank statement it shows these payments into my bank and says ‘Tag Me’. As I have already logged them should I simply click the red X to delete it from the statement? This seems the obvious thing to do but will this mess up the imported bank statement (or this just a temporary file just to use for tagging??)

Just trying to understand QuickFile and make sure I get my accounting right from the very start. Thanks.

When you input a transaction for invoice, you can either enter them manually, or import a bank statement. I believe when you import a statement, it should detect duplicates, but I’m not 100% sure on this (maybe someone could confirm?)

However, if it is a duplicate transaction, it should be safe to delete the duplicate - just make sure your bank balance is correct.

If you accidentally delete the tagged entry, you can manually input it again.

If you need any further help, feel free to ask away :smile:

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