Bank statements not downloaded

Good Morning. I have not received any bank transactions since 31st Dec 2015. Is there something I have to do to receive the downloaded statements? Thank you

Hi @eftlizzie

Are you signed up to the Barclay’s bank feed or do you use another bank via the Chrome add-on?


I have been signed up to Barclay feed ever since we started a couple of years ago.

It may have paused if there were difficulties accessing it (could be due to change of details or the feed being unavailable).

If your account hasn’t been logged into for 3 months, it doesn’t run to conserve server resources.

If you re-enable it now, I may import any missed transactions. If not, you can download a CSV file and upload it to bring it back inline. But providing there are no issues with the it running, it should continue to from there

If you go into the feed settings you will find a link to a log of entries and possible errors.

The feed is active, as you say the last entry came through for 31st December, it ran twice since then but did not discover any new entries.

I see 4 entries for today, I just ran the feed manually and these should come through to you shortly.

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Thank you all is up to date now. I shall check to see what happens tomorrow. Happy New Year.

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